Over a week ago, I was lucky enough to attend the live debut of Singer and Musician, Two Feet in Berkeley, California with support from LA based Absofacto.

It was the night of the show and the crowd was in full force as they waited to get into the venue. By the time the show kicked off, the crowd was humming with excitement.

First up, LA based artist, Absofacto opened the show with his infectious dance moves and his charismatic presence. He had a colorful live set which included a funky live rendition of British rock band, Arctic Monkeys’ “Do I Wanna Know?” The crowd began singing along as Absofacto commanded the stage with his intriguing vocals. As his live set concluded, many fans began googling the artist to hear more of his music on their cellphones.

As a long time fan of Two Feet’s music, I expected a night of steamy guitar playing and sultry vocals and my expectations were exceeded. The screams became deafening when the talented artist began playing his well known single, “Love is a Bitch”. While his music is perfect for a striptease or a romantic night in with a significant other, his honest songwriting speaks on the many facets of love, specifically toxic love. The addictive soundscapes of “Your Mother Was Cheaper” and “Go Fuck Yourself” became electrifying as Two Feet displayed his skillful live guitar playing.

Between songs, Two Feet would speak about his beginnings and how grateful he was for being able to play his first tour with many sold out dates. There aren’t many artists who are bold enough to share the ups and downs of being an artist. Two Feet is instantly relatable because he shares his real emotions on and outside of the live stage.

As the night ended, Two Feet performed his popular single, “Go Fuck Yourself” twice because he felt the song was short and both times the guitar solos were magnificent. The night was a sweaty seductive journey that left the crowd craving for more.

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