Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This edition we bring you 4 unforgettable artists who have dropped new songs that cannot be missed!

New York based singer-songwriter, Betty Who has dropped her newest single, “Ignore Me” and it’s unforgettable. Who is known for her fearless songs about empowering women returns with her first release, “Ignore Me” as a independent artist. The shimmering track has an blissful mix of upbeat pop beats with Who’s bold vocals commanding her audience to listen to her soul baring story about her past struggles in the music industry. “Ignore Me” is a relatable song which demands freedom from who/what are preventing you to grow and do what you are passionate about in your own unique way.

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Alternative singer-songwriter Matt Shill brings a heavy dose of melancholy with his latest single,”Spain”. The track is an sincere ode about longing for a lost love in which shines a spotlight on Shill’s vulnerable songwriting abilities with honest lyrics“

Thinking about our yesterday and I wish I stayed/‘cause now the dusk rolls in the pain/and the rain whispers your name”. Shill also declares that while there is a piece of him that will always long for that certain long lost lover, he admits it’s for the best because he is the same, “But I haven’t changed /So darling stay away”

The laid back guitar based soundscape highlights Shill’s emotional vocal range as the song takes you on an thrilling ride on the many facets of heartbreaking love.

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Indie singer-songwriter WAFIA dropped her much awaited new EP, “VIII” that features “The Ending”, a song collaboration with singer FINNEAS (co-writer and brother to pop singer, Billie Eilish).

The piano based ballad has WAFIA at her most emotional with sentimental lyrics about life’s trials and tribulations. The track reaches powerful heights as the song builds up to a choir of ethereal voices that pull at the listeners heart strings. WAFIA is a gifted storyteller is bound to have who listens to her music enamored with her own brand of genuine pop music.

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Singer-Songwriter/Producer Tyler Johnson has been buzzing for quite sometime, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music from Grammy winning singer, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran to John Legend in addition to working with Pop singer Harry Styles’ solo album. Johnson is ready to embark on his own music journey with his debut single, “Give Up On Me”.

Johnson is armed with his own soulful artistry, with an extensive vocal range that can go from a sugary sweet to a brooding consuming falsetto cry on a slow burning soundscape that will surely captivate his listeners on the first listen.

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