Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Lauv kicked off his first major world tour, “I met you when I was 18.” a couple of weeks ago. I had the immense pleasure of attending the first of two sold out shows in San Francisco.

As I arrived to the concert venue, The Independent, the fan line twisted around the block. Shortly before the door opened, Lauv went outside, to greet fans and gave away fruit and free tickets.

Having previously experienced Lauv live, my expectations were high and I was pleasantly surprised at the steady evolution of the singer’s live show. The stage setup contained a small, raised catwalk platform with the singer’s logo in the background while his white umbrella (the prop used in his music video for “Paris in the Rain”) was placed on the side of the platform with blue/violet lights shining on the stage.

The show kicked off with singer-songwriter, Ashe. She is best known for collaborating with music producers Whethan and Louis The Child. Ashe has an endearing stage presence with her charming chat with the audience to her energetic barefooted dancing. By the end of her 45 minute set, the crowd was enamored by her raw talent.

When Lauv hit the stage, the crowd was electric, screaming and shouting his name. He got the show started performing a short, acoustic version of his massively popular single, “I Like Me Better” and then seamlessly dived into his enchanting song, “Paris in the Rain” using his white umbrella. The room became instantly haunting as fog machine blasted while Lauv danced around the stage.

The live set list included all the fan favorites from “Comfortable”, “Reforget”, “Easy Love” to a brand new unreleased song called “Paranoid”. During the whole show, the crowd jumped and danced with their beloved singer and the intense connection had Lauv visibility touched. It was a special night full of joy and unity where fans were gathered together and celebrated the talent of their artist Lauv.

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