Welcome to our newest edition of Music Monday! On the first edition of the new year, we have 4 vastly musically diverse new songs from 3 singers and 1 band.

Bruno Mars – “Finesse (Remix)” featuring Cardi B.

R&B superstar, Bruno Mars surprised his fans with the newly released re-imagining of his single, “Finesse” with accompanying music video from his 2016’s 24K Magic album. The “Finesse (Remix)” has Mars teaming up with the punky trap artist, Cardi B for a spicy time traveling journey to the 90s music era.

The music video is a clear homage to the legendary 90’s music dance show, “In Living Color” packed with vintage dance moves and adventurous wardrobe. The irresistible R&B soundscape teases your hips to sway with the beat.

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Sea Girls – “Heavenly War”

London-based band Sea Girls started the new year releasing their latest single, “Heavenly War”, a vibrant indie rock track from their EP bearing the same name. Best known for their stellar debut single, ”Call Me Out”, Sea Girls continue to bring their sincere songwriting about celebrating the good times in life.

“Heavenly War” features a colorful blend of disco infused sounds and explosive drumming made to leave you intrigued for more.

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LUME – “Tip of Your Thumb”

Brighton native LUME brings her own brand of enchanting dark pop with her single, “Tip of Your Thumb”. On her sophomore single, LUME shares her thought-provoking storytelling about society’s fondness of over sharing online. As the first note of the song begins LUME shines on the haunting sound production with her confident vocal delivery.

LUME is surely to win her audiences with her multiple musical skills and songwriting talents that require many repeated listens to fully gasp all the different interpretations of the song lyrics.

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RAYLA – “Boys Like You”

New Jersey based singer-songwriter RAYLA recently released her single “Boys Like You” which finds the talented singer at her most vulnerable. The highly addictive pop track speaks about one-sided love and a toxic lover who only cares about the superficial aspects in a love relationship.

“Boys Like You” contains the perfect combination of melancholy and independence. RAYLA may not be well-known yet but her soul bearing lyrics will surely enamour her future audiences and listeners.

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Check out our other music gems on this month’s music playlist below:

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