Welcome to our brand new special edition of our Music Monday! Last week we shared the third part of our top 20 songs of the year and this week we bring you the final part. This week’s edition features one band and four artists who brought their honest storytelling on five unforgettable tracks this year.

5. Syd – “On the Road”

Rising star Syd recently released her newest EP, Always Never Home which contained the stand out track, “On the Road”. The hip hop infused R&B track dribbles electric synths down a rumbling bass as Syd oozes a laidback cool energy as she rhymes about the tough life being on tour.

As the track progresses, the song takes an surprising turn as the song production halts before flawlessly transforming to a distinct soundscape with Syd’s distorted vocals shining throughout the new track. Syd shares the many difficulties of life on the road, however as the song concludes the artist makes it clear that every sacrifice is worth it and everything she does is for the people waiting back home.

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4. EDEN – “start/end”

Dublin native singer/producer and multi-instrumentalist, EDEN, has been buzzing for quite some time. EDEN has released a steady amount of new singles from “crash”, “gold” to striking single, “start/end”. The unexpected journey of listening to the latter track leaves his listeners with their jaws open hitting the floor as EDEN takes them on an cinematic musical ride.

“start/end” is an exquisite mixture of luxurious instrumental elements and notes that recall the pure nostalgia of one’s youth. The track fills his listeners with endless wonder and inspiration to hear a young artist with infinite talent beyond his years who thrives to bring rare, delicate and compelling soundscapes to the world.

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3. Devin Dawson – “Dark Horse”

Country singer-songwriter Devin Dawson has released many critical acclaimed singles from his brilliant debut album, All On Me, “Secondhand Hurt” to his latest single, “Asking For A Friend” among others, ahead of his widely anticipated forthcoming debut album,”Dark Horse”.

When Dawson released the album’s title track, “Dark Horse” this past fall, he cemented his place in the music world as one of the game changers ready to bring his refreshing storytelling to the masses worldwide.

“Dark Horse” finds the Nashville native opening up about his roots, who he is as a human being and as an artist. The track was released a few weeks after the Las Vegas concert shooting and was a perfect way to cope with the heartbreaking tragedy. Dawson continues to bring vulnerable storytelling in his music which will not only have him emerge as one of the rising stars of country music but as a highly respected storyteller.

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2. Geneva White – “Who Are You”

LA based singer-songwriter Geneva White is best known for creating music oozing the depths of human emotions on complex pop music canvases . White recently released her anticipated EP, Surface which featured the amazing track, “Who Are You”.

“Who Are You” is a stunning track with a alluring pop soundscape wrapped magnificently with White’s ethereal vocals. The pristine songwriting takes White’s unique brand of pop to an unseen level of sincere storytelling that captives their listeners immediately.

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1. Linkin Park – “One More Light”

Alternative rock band released their widely praised single, “One More Light” from their latest album baring the same name. The track is a chilling minimal ballad about dealing with the complex sides of grief. “One More Light” became the heartfelt fan tribute song to remember their beloved, deceased Linkin’ Park frontman Chester Bennington.

As the band reinvented themselves throughout the years, one thing that always remained the same was the soul baring emotion Bennington sang each song. While “One More Light” can be deemed as a devastating story of pain, the track is much more, it’s a honest take on human emotions we rarely speak about, a story of a fighter who battled his inner demons and mental illness. At the end of the song, you might be struck with a heavy heart of sadness however there is a glowing message of hope that will inspire you to remember those loved ones we lost and take on your own personal demons head on.

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