Welcome to our brand new special edition of our Music Monday! Last week we shared the second part of our top 20 songs of the year, this week we bring you the third of four parts. This week’s edition features three bands and two artists who are bringing their refreshing sincere music to the music world.

10. Dua Lipa – “New Rules”

Pop singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has enjoyed a very successful year, earning the title of the most streamed female singer of 2017 on Spotify in the UK and topping multiple best new artists music lists all over the blogsphere. Her widely known hit single, “New Rules” with accompanying music video was massively buzzed about worldwide this past summer. The track is an undeniable bop about female independence and the rules encouraged to help you escape a toxic relationship. The music video captures the girl power filled lyrics with visuals of strong women having each other’s back. The brillant pop track stands out with it’s fiery and positive message as we get to see another unseen artistic side of Lipa.

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9. Harry Styles – “Kiwi”

Pop singer, Harry Styles started out the summer releasing his much awaited first solo debut album, the beautifully diverse Harry Styles, which included his latest savory rock single, “Kiwi”.

The track has Styles displaying his rock n roll persona to the fullest. With songwriting reminiscent of British rock groups, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, Styles soars with his tongue in cheek vocal delivery and undeniable charisma. “Kiwi” is an unexpected treat to his listeners who are left wondering what other music sides Styles has yet to reveal to the music world.

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8. Portugal. The Man – “Feel It Still”

Portugal. The Man exploded to worldwide proportions with their wildly popular single, “Feel It Still”. The grammy nominated rock band experienced a craze phenomenon when their single went viral earlier this year. The song was featured on tv commercials, viral internet videos or radio play on all the music stations and it became a song that would stay with you for hours.

The infectious track speaks on the social issues we face around the world. The glimmering soundscape does pay homage to the past with sampling of the Marvelettes’ “Mr. Postman from 1961. As their listeners have become in enamoured with “Feel It Still”, the alaskan band have kept on doing what they’ve always have, share important stories in their exceptional songs.

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7. Phoenix – “J-Boy”

French indie pop band Phoenix dropped their dazzling first single, “J-Boy” from their latest album, Ti Amo.

The dreamy pop track tells the story about the ins and outs of love as Phoenix’s frontman, Thomas Mars, continues to take his songwriting to unseen heights. Mars sings and raps his intimate verses in a laidback manner. “J-Boy” is a music treat to their listeners as they continue to reveal the many different tricks the band has up their sleeves. As our world becomes darker, Phoenix continues to provide a sweet escape with their ambitious story driven music.

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6. Sir Sly – “&Run”

Alternative band Sir Sly recently released their standout new single, “&Run” with accompanying music video containing intriguing choreography in promotion of their latest gut wrenching album, Don’t You Worry, Honey.

The track has one of the most vibrant soundscapes with guitar playing filled with melancholy. Sir Sly’s vocalist Landon Jacobs bares his heartbreaking story about his failed marriage, “You could be my one regret, infinitely spiraling me down/ Sometimes the world feels loud” The song lyrics are instantly relatable to everyone who has ever experienced those particular painful emotions.

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