Singer-songwriter Cody Fry has been busy releasing his exceptional, vibrant new album titled Flying along with his newly released EP, Christmas Music, Vol. 1, a collection of 2 music covers and 1 original track. Some time ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented artist about the making of Flying, his musical influences and his songwriting process, among other things.

Music Influences and His Sound

Fry’s new album, Flying is a well written and excellently produced record that features a live orchestra. The record features varied music styles such as Jazz, Pop, folk, with dashes of rock n roll spilling out from it’s intricate soundscapes. I asked Fry, who is his musical influences are and he immediately answered, “John Mayer.” In the beginning, Fry learned to play John Mayer’s songs on his guitar; “I think that anybody who grew up at the time I did and was in high school in the 2000’s playing guitar, John Mayer would be the obvious influence. All the songs I learned in guitar, just starting out, were John Mayer songs. I can play his entire album, Room For Squares, top to bottom.” Fry adds that since then he has been influenced by film composers such as John Williams and Alexandre Desplat. “I just love that craft, the discipline to figure out how to orchestrate or write something in order to create a certain mood. I love that idea and I love trying to pull that into my songwriting.”

From the beginning, Fry has separated himself from other Alternative pop singer- songwriters due to his intriguing unheard of genre bending music compositions that any listening age group can embrace. I asked him if he intended for his new album to be as musically diverse as it turned out. “It wasn’t preplanned but my only rule for making this album was if it sounds fun, do it!” He further points out that “the reason it kind of appears that there’s many different styles on Flying is because “It’s is an accurate depiction of the music I like which is pretty wide ranging. I think an album with just cinematic stuff or an album with the pop stuff, would be incomplete in terms of who I am as a musician, I don’t think it was preplanned, it just ended up that way. The songs that I liked the most tended to be the most wide ranging.”

Fry hopes his listeners have a great time listening to a record he really enjoyed making, “I had so much fun making this record, I really hope people can hear that I was having fun and they also have fun.” In addition he hopes new listeners will give the album a chance. “I hope people give it a chance because it’s probably a little different than the music they might normally listen to. I hope it surprises them in a good way and they hear it with open ears and find this style compelling to them.”

Songwriting and Recording Process

Nashville based singer shares that while recording his album, Flying, his music making process was unpredictable. “Sometimes I’ll be listening to a podcast or hear some sort of a background music and literally that would be the jumping point for me to write a song.” Other times, Fry would spend hours in a room with a piano, writing lyrics and melodies which resulted in a brand new song. “It definitely is all over the place. In terms of the mechanics of it. I’ve produced a lot of it in my home studio, which is pretty much barebones but it let me explore all these different sonic textures and get the production ideas down.” Fry adds that for this album, he worked with producer Chad Copelin, who is “so fun”, they went to his studio, finished the production there and Fry wrote and finished the orchestration during his orchestration session.

Challenges and Rewards

Being an artist is never an easy career, Fry describes it as “shouting down an empty hallway most of the time. It’s kind of like ‘Is anybody here?’, is it getting to anybody?” But on the flip side, it can be equally rewarding. “The most rewarding thing is when someone peeks their head out from a door and says ‘I’m here!’ And ‘I appreciate what you are doing!'”. It is the most rewarding and hardest thing for Fry because “there is so much great music being made that sometimes you feel like you are putting out your album in the void or space, but then people start coming back and getting reactions from people and realizing how your music can affect someone’s life is by far the most rewarding part.”

Advice and The Future

In a world filled with everyday problems, there are a lot of people who aspire to share their talents as an artist or musician but are afraid to make the jump to the unknown world of writing/making music. I asked Fry what advice would he give anyone aspiring to be an artist: “Be prepared for the long haul. With anything, building something that is worthwhile takes a long time and a lot of effort.” He states that “some people get into music for overnight success without realizing that overnight success also generally leads to overnight not success. I think that when you are an artist and you are trying to make art, it just takes a long time, so be ready to get your hands dirty and just be working for a long time. It takes a lot of work but it is rewarding and it’s a better time than ever to do it.”

As we concluded our interview, Fry confessed he was finishing mixing his new songs recorded for his upcoming Christmas EP and shared a few details about the upcoming music project, “We recorded [the Christmas songs] at the same time we did the orchestra for Flying, so it’s a very classic Christmas sound, something I been wanting to do for a long time. The project is going to be called, Christmas Music, Vol.1 and the idea is I’m hoping to release several holiday songs a year until there are no holiday songs left.”

Check out Cody Fry’s new album Flying and new Christmas EP, “Christmas Music, Vol. 1on iTunes.

Catch all the latest news on Cody Fry on his official Website.

Photo Credit: Tyler Scott

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