Welcome to our brand new special edition of our Music Monday! Last week we shared the first part of our top 20 songs of the year, this week we bring you the second of four parts. This week’s edition features two bands and three artists who are pushing music boundaries with their magnificent music.

15. Stereo Honey – “Through the Dark”

London based Stereo Honey recently released their first EP called Monuments which features the haunting single, “Through The Dark”. While I spent the whole year listening to their previous soulful releases, “The Heart” and “The Bay”, their latest single finds the talented foursome reaching new intriguing artistic heights.

“Through The Dark” is a beautifully written song about a significant other being “the light” that guides you from the dark abyss of personal demons with sentimental lyrics: “And the blackness of a bloodstream/Turning slowly round my eyes/And truly you would be/The very first thing I’d recognize”. The alternative rock track soars to emotional peaks as Stereo Honey frontman Pete Restrick delivers his mind bending falsetto in all it’s carefree glory.

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14. Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”

Las Vegas based alternative rockers, Imagine Dragons released their soul baring third album, Evolve which included the highly contagious, “Thunder” this past summer.

The second single, “Thunder” finds Imagine Dragons’ lead singer, Dan Reynolds spilling personal memories of his humble beginnings. Reynolds, who grew up in a Mormon family of nine children expresses in his sincere songwriting that he was never a follower and had big dreams. As the unworldly track ascends to it’s bouncy chorus, Reynolds states, “I was lighting before the Thunder”. The popular hit single can be deemed as a savoury arena rock song oozing out an hiphop infused melody, but it is an anthem that expresses what every human being has felt when others doubt your dreams and passions regardless of your skills.

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13. Russ – “Me You”

Singer-Songwriter/Rapper/Producer Russ is known for dropping many different songs every few weeks since his early beginnings of his career. The single, “Me You” was released this past summer in support of his excellent first full length album titled “There’s Really A Wolf”.

The standout track shares the story about a group of individuals who are only looking to see what they can gain from other people as Russ passionately sets the record straight, calling them out while comparing the wide differences between himself and the individuals. The thumping hip hop soundscape and Russ’ extra cool laidback singing/rhyming style creates the perfect ingredients for an fiery anthem of celebrating yourself and denouncing the individuals in everyone’s lives who lack loyalty.

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12. LPX – “Slide”

Singer LPX releases her most heart gutting single yet with her latest single, “Slide”. The track finds the fierce songstress exploring further the raw and destructive side of love. While her previous releases, “Tremble” and “Tightrope” are independent anthems from intricate webs of poisonous love, in “Slide”, LPX admits she is very much still entangled in pain and yearning. “Slide” has a delightful electrifying guitar soundscape with LPX gut wrenching vocal delivery as it reaches the song’s climax.

LPX continues to bring her relatable songs in her spontaneous style, breaking through musical barriers and her inspiring female listeners with her honest music.

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11. Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

Artist Frank Ocean has been buzzing for the past year. After last year’s critically acclaimed, Blonde and Endless album releases, Ocean dropped his first single of 2017, “Chanel” on his Beats 1 radio show, “blondedRADIO” this past spring.

“Chanel” explores the many sides of gender fluidity among other personal elaborate stories. The mellow sound production gives an elegant highlight to Ocean’s poignant storytelling as he sucks you in to his world with the first line, “My guy pretty like a girl/And he got fight stories to tell”. The track finds Ocean at his most confident and vulnerable expressing how he choses to maintain his own masculinity, celebrity and independence on his own terms.

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