Welcome to our brand new special edition of our Music Monday! A year ago we shared our top 20 artists of the year, this year we bring you the top 20 songs not to be missed. This is the first of four parts that will be revealed each Monday.

20. Walk The Moon – “Surrender”

Alternative rockers, Walk The Moon released “Surrender”, their powerful new ballad from their savory new album, What If Nothing. While the Ohio based band is best known for their arena ready dance songs, the band shows us their vulnerable side with their devastating story of lost love and acceptance with “Surrender”. The honest track touches on the cruel realization that you may love and miss someone but sometimes you just have to let go or surrender. The electric piano sound production is filled with melancholy oozing vocals provided by frontman Nicholas Petricca.

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19. Allan Rayman – “Gun”

Singer-Songwriter, Allan Rayman has recently released his newest EP titled Courtney. The 5 song collection features the tantalizing lead single, “Gun”. The track captures your attention immediately with the sizzling guitar playing provided by frequent collaborator, musician Jessy Aaron. The rocking soundscape highlights Rayman’s intense vocal range as he takes his listeners on another intriguing journey to his Alter ego, Mr. Roadhouse’s world.

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18. Kendrick Lamar – “DNA”

Grammy nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar dropped his critical acclaimed album, DAMN, this past spring. While Lamar has enjoyed tremendous success with each official single release, (“HUMBLE.”, “LOYALTY.” and “ELEMENT.”), the undeniable stand out is his single “DNA.”

The explosive rap track revisits his family history with substance abuse as well as his inner flaws and ambition to embrace these elements found in his DNA. Lamar continues to prove he is one of the greatest lyricists in the music industry by sharing his truths in the most fearless unpredictable way each time.

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17. Two Feet – “I Feel Like I’m Drowning”

Alternative artist, Two Feet makes sultry, unapologetic music. Since his viral single, “Go Fuck Yourself”, Two Feet has set himself apart from other artists with his ultra charismatic, sincere storytelling. With his latest single, “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” from his upcoming third EP, the New York based singer shares a story about a lover who is not healthy for him because she’s poisonous on a electrifying rich sound production. Two Feet is not only an extremely talented singer/instrumentalist but he is a matter of fact songwriter who speaks on risky subjects that will make some of his listeners uncomfortable but mostly inspire his fans to be themselves and pursue their own passions on their own terms.

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16. Michael Blume – “Lifting You”

Soul Singer, Michael Blume recently dropped his uplifting, gospel kissed r&b single, “Lifting You”. The track takes you on an soul baring journey about self love. Blume, who is a master at embedding positive messages in his song lyrics, sharpens his lyricism skills and delivers an exceptional song where he encourages everyone to love ones self. With the world filled with dimming everyday problems, it’s necessary for artists to spread their stories to the masses but it takes a special kind of artist to speak on personal topics that are rarely discussed.

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