Chloe Lukasiak, Kedall Vertes, Kalani Hillker…if you are the parent of a pre teen girl, love dance or watch the Lifetime channel, these names are very familiar to you.

Seen as role models, fashionistas and talented dancers by their fans, these three girls have one more thing in common; they are survivors.

Anyone who watched the Lifetime series Dance Moms for the past 6 or 7 years has seen these young girls grow up on tv. Seen them struggle with improving their dance skills but also grow up emotionally as they faced the sometimes overtly harsh criticism of their dance teacher/supposed mentor.

Season 7.5 saw a lot of changes as fan favorite, Chloe Lukasiak made her way back into the competitive word of dance and reunited with some of her former team mates. Tensions were still high but even more so as the older members, Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker and Nia Sioux walked away from Abby to strike a new path in their dancing careers. The end of the series took them to Nationals under the tutelage of Dancing With The Stars‘ Cheryl Burke as they proved to themselves and those watching them that they had outgrown the tired out repetitive routines of their former teacher and proved that they were indeed Irreplaceable.

Shortly after, the quartet announced they’d be going on tour as The Irreplaceables but not long after Nia pulled out from the tour making it a trio. After taking the time needed to rebook and rework their set, Chloe, Kalani and Kendall were ready to meet their fans.

The Irreplaceables Tour kicked off in LA this past Saturday at The Fonda theater and I was not surprised to see the line curbing around the block upon arrival. Fans had the choice between purchasing a general admission ticket or a VIP package. VIP ticket holders were given early entrance, first access to the pop up store with items designed by the girls and a meet and greet with Chloe, Kalani and Kendall that included a photo op. Fans also had the option of purchasing passes for an intimate dance workshop held by the trio prior to the show where they would learn dance combinations and possible one of the routines featured on the show.

The crowd had a healthy mix of teens and tweens with a couple of teen age boys in the mix. It was a bit surprising to see the young girls filling in their mothers on the “drama” from the show as well as who was who that would be performing, but it was nice to see the adults supporting their girls and bringing them to see the show even if they weren’t all up to date on the hype.

I overheard one mother compare the ambiance as that of a rock show with the music playing prior to the show and the crowds energy crackling with excitement. Screams erupted from time to time as Kira Girard (Kalani’s mom) and Christy Lukasiak were spotted heading backstage. The moms are just as popular with the teens as the girls themselves which should be no surprise considering they became known figures due to Dance Moms. Once the lights went down the show kicked off with a video of Chloe, Kalani and Kendall in rehearsals, dancing and showing their camaraderie before the trio took the stage for the first group dance of the night.

The show consisted of group dances as well as duets and solos where each girl was able to showcase their talents and key moves. The set ranged from contemporary dance pieces to jazz and lyrical set to popular top hits by Kelly Clarkson and even Prince each filled with stunning arabesques, pirouettes and tumbling.

The dance moms were also part of the show as they took the stage in between dances to answer fan questions either as a group or with their respective daughters. Nothing was off limits but as Christi’s disclaimer stated, they “aren’t revealing all the secrets.” What remedies to be the best question of he night came from a young girl who asked Christi Lukasiak what her favorite fight with Abby was and the answer was one every fan of Chloe’s agreed with. It was the final showdown before Chloe left the team in which Abby mocked her eye (but was edited to say Chloe was washed up on TV). Christi had the last word: “these girls put you on the map.”

It was commendable to see the girls taking the high road as none badmouthed their former teacher and went ahead as to state they are appreciative of what they learned for they would not be where they are today without those experiences, good or terrible.

Overall, it was a great experience to see these young women continue to pursue their passion for dance beyond television and taking the initiative to get out and meet more of their fans who weren’t able to catch them at competitions during their stint on the TV. The show was full of high energy routines and intricate choreographies that showcased that the trio still have more to offer the world of dance. The fans in attendance were not disappointed as many were eager to gush that it was “worth it” and “the best gift ever.” Some sharing that it has made their year as they had been dying to meet their favorite dancers.

A word of advice to parents attending, check your local venue’s seating map as not all theaters have seating and you may end up standing throughout the 75 minute show.

Below are a few photos from the show as well as video footage from the first couple of performances. The Irreplaceables Tour continues tonight in San Francisco before taking a quick break and making its way across the country as of December 14.

See the full list of dates on the official site and don’t miss your chance to see and meet Chloe, Kendall and Kalani in the next couple of weeks!

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