A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the San Francisco tour stop of Singer-Songwriter Jessie Ware’s promotional tour for her recently released new album, Glasshouse.

The show began with Ware being greeted by a massive amount of cheers from the sold out crowd of fans when she stepped on stage. The live set started off with her soulful new track, ”Thinking About You”. The fan to artist connection was ignited immediately, everyone in the venue was singing along to every single note and music lyric.

As Ware began singing the thumping new song, “Your Domino”, the energy grew to higher level of excitement as her fans began dancing and merged their voices as a united choir for the rest of the night.

Ware continued to perform her popular singles from “Midnight”, “Tough Love”, “Running” to fan favorite, “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe” which were all received with endless amount of delight. Ware, who was feeling under the weather sounded spectacular and her stage presence remains the same, humble and vulnerable.

At the end of the show, Ware spoke about the process of writing her magnificent, most personal to date track, “Sam” and hoped her fans could relate to the story found in the soul baring lyrics. She asked everyone to put away cell phones and get lost in the moment, it was a perfect end to a magical and emotional night.

Watch our concert footage on the playlist below:

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