Taylor Swoft’s Reputatiin is out next Friday and the Grammy winning singer/songwriter just dropped her 4th single off the upcoming album. 

Swift announced the release of “Call It What You Want” earlier today through social media posts. The new song comes with an assist from Jack Antonoff and seems to continue the “reputation” based thread that will weave its way through the album. The opening lyrics say “My castle crumbled overnight/I brought a knife to a gun fight. They took the crown, but it’s alright.” This could be referring to her reign as beloved pop queen crashing down when the media and her enemies all pouncing on her early last year. 

There also seems to be a reference to the Kimberly feud (once again) and her self imposed seclusion; “All the liars are calling me one/Nobody’s seen me for months. ”

The song does a clever way of weaving her bad experiences and showing how love brought her to a better place. Whether it’s her new beau, Swift speaks of love putting her in a good place but considering she’s still putting her haters on blast we know she hasn’t forgotten. No matter what though, the media and he world in general can call it what they want because she’s doing fine.

Taylor has also already set some appearances for next week as she will be singing this song from her NYC home on ABC’s TGITs slot in one week. Friday morning, the day of the album drop, she will be releasing an extended version on GMA and that Saturday will be the musical guest on SNL. On top of that, Swifties in NYC will be thrilled that Taylor will have some pop up shops with her merch for sale.

Take a listen to “Call if What You Want” below and leave your fan theories in the comments below!

Reputatation drops November 10.

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