A few weeks ago, the R&B sensation Solange finished off her Fall tour with a pair of sold out shows in the magnificent outdoor Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA.

When I arrived at the venue, there was a huge line looping around, reaching 3 blocks down. Fast forward to the moment when Solange came on stage, the massive crowd went wild, the energy I witnessed was comparable to past venue performers, Ed Sheeran and Florence and the Machine.

Solange’s stage presence is electric, she wears her emotions on her sleeve. There were many times when her uncanny facial similarities of her older sister, Beyoncé, became extremely apparent. However, Solange shines with her own soulful talents. The singer had a grand stage setup with a full band which included a horn section and accompanying dancers.

The lively setlist included many songs from her past albums as well as her new songs such as “Mad”, “Rise”, “Cranes in the Sky” and “Don’t Touch My Hair”, among others.

One of the many highlights of the show was in the middle of performing her fan favorite single, “F.U.B.U.”, Solange crouched as near to the crowd of fans as the stage would allow. The fan to singer connection was unbreakable and emotional to witness.

Check out video footage below:

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