Welcome to the latest edition of Music Monday! This edition features 4 unique artists who have released listen worthy new singles.

Alternative artist, TRACES recently released his much talked about debut EP, Heart of Gold. The San Diego native has been all over my music playlists since he released the magnificent single, “idbh” this past September. The singer’s complex soundscapes break down the standard music genre barriers and takes his signature sound to intriguing musical heights.

One of the undeniable EP highlights is “Trouble In Mind”, a haunting electronic track about overcoming people’s assumptions about yourself. TRACES is well beyond his years, with a massive amount of unique artistry that will surely enamor his listeners with his soulful storytelling.

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Singer-Songwriter morgxn shared his new single, “bruised”, an thumping dance track about unquestionable love. Since his debut single,”love you with the lights on” (the official remix was previously featured on Music Monday), the LA based singer has set himself apart from many other artists with his ultra colorful vocal range and his relatable lyrics about the many different facets of love.

The track “bruised” exposes an unseen side of the singer, professing his unconditional love to his lover. The sentimental song lyrics are filled with acceptance of any flaws someone can possess. morgxn continues to showcase his unique brand of soul music while encouraging his fans to embrace their “bruised” parts of themselves.

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Alternative rocker, Bryce Fox has released his much awaited debut EP titled Heaven on Hold which features his past hit singles, “Coldhearted”, “Horns” and “Voodoo”. The 7-track EP also features stand out track, “Stomp Me Out”.

The dazzling rock track takes you deep inside Fox’s experience living in Los Angeles. As with previous single,”Coldhearted”, Fox provides his extremely honest lyrics of the constant effects of living in the city of angels for a long period of time that you start to believe in the impossible, “Now I’m feelin’ superhuman/that’s the point of the illusion.” The LA singer’s too cool swagger oozes out through out his electric rock song production.

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Vancouver based singer Ciele dropped her new single, “Sweet Water River” a track heavy inspired by the CW’s popular Archie Comics based TV series, Riverdale. The moody track’s lyrics shares the perspectives of the various characters from the TV show. Ciele is a big fan of the show and all the multiple storylines intertwined in the show’s main plot.

The song takes you on a mystical journey to the famous “Sweet Water River” filled with unexpected twists and turns on the track’s excellent songwriting and ethereal vocals. You don’t need to be a fan of the show to truly appreciate this beautiful song, the intricate soundscapes will pull you in and will have you lost completely to haunting song.

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