Fresh off the recent release of his emotive, Traveler: Second Legend EP, Alternative R&B singer, Lostboycrow is ready to hit the road with supporting artists, Prelow and DYSN on his upcoming headlining “Spin The Globe” Tour, which kicks off on Thursday, October 19th in Seattle, WA.

I recently had the immense pleasure to catch up with the talented LA based singer to chat about what is in store for his audiences on his upcoming “Spin The Globe” Tour.

Spin The Globe

Earlier this summer, Lostboycrow released his inspirational single, “Spin The Globe” which would eventually become the chosen name of his tour. “‘Spin The Globe’ was another huge moment for me as a writer. To be able to release something that I felt so clearly express who I am and what I hope for in others listening. It only seemed fitting that the endless possibilities I try to allow myself as a songwriter would translate to the show we bring to the people.”

Lostboycrow also implied that he would love to tour around the globe; “I’d love to see these songs and this set up expand globally.”

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Recording Inspiration and Show Experience

While recording new songs for his Three Legends, Lostboycrow said he imagined what would it be like to sing it in front of his audience, “Whenever I record (especially vocals), I try to envision just what it will feel like to sing that in front of people – maybe most of which haven’t seen me before.”

Lostboycrow has been anticipating performing his new material live for a very long time. Most of the year, the singer has been busy, recording and releasing new music from his three legends EPs from his upcoming debut album, Traveler.

Lostboycrow confirmed both new and long time fans will be treated to an unexpected show, “I think both seasoned show-goers and newcomers alike can expect to be hearing a lot of songs and sounds we have not played before.” Lostboycrow further clarified there is a familiar element that will be present in his shows. ”Everything I do will always be under the banner of that same familiar Lost Boy – and nostalgia being my most favorite drug of choice will always be readily available during the show.”

A Traveler on the Road

A traveler by nature, Lostboycrow shared that being on tour is “so special. I enjoy being stuck in a van for hours upon hours with others as much as anyone could really.” The singer emphasized it’s all about how he is getting to his new destination, “It’s all about the how. I like to feel the weight of every mile getting where I need to go as much if not more than actually getting there. Let the scenic routes wash over me in all their wonder. All the monotony. The painful stretches of nothing and the wide open empty.”

Lostboycrow also pointed out that he tries to connect with each place he visits, “I think it’s important to understand the feeling from a new city, even if you don’t necessarily know the history or layout of a place. Whether it’s going thrifting before a show or just walking around a few blocks. I try to put on the shoes I’ll be wearing on stage and just breathe with the rhythm of a place.”

Photograph by Teren Mabry

Planning The Show and The Setlist

Lostboycrow’s live shows can be described as a Kaleidoscopic journey of lights and honest storytelling. He stated that the most interesting part of the planning aspect of this tour has been, ”Just getting to actually be the one planning it for the first time. It’s been wildly creative and the best kind of challenging. The visuals for this show will just be a bit more thorough and intricate. Lights. Stage plot, etc.”

New and long time fans alike are curious to learn what songs will be included on the “Spin The Globe” setlist and the best way to find out is attending a show near you. Lostboycrow revealed some details on the song selection process. “It’s always so difficult with the amount of music released especially the last few months. You want to play the new. You want to play the old. And often times need to play most everything in between – so happy with how the set turned out. Really a mixture of everything.”

He further disclosed; “The band and I have been able to really weave in and out of the new and old songs with a bit more ease and transitions. Very excited to share.”

Lostboycrow is most excited to perform his latest single, “All My Lives at Once.” “It’s just such a great moment in the set dynamically. “ He immediately added, ”and a song that really represents a lot of who I am sonically and storywise.”

Tour Merchandise

At the conclusion of my interview with the singer we discussed his “Spin The Globe” Tour merchandise. For those who did not know, Lostboycrow has an intricate fashion style and puts his unique touch on every article of clothing he sports during photo/video shoots and performances, included his one of a kind blue and red Lostboycrow Jersey. When asked if there will be any fan replicas of his jersey available he replied; “No jerseys this time, though I’m fully down.”

Lostboycrow stated that for his tour merchandise line, he “wanted to let people share in something that would be appropriate for the season and also unique to this tour. Shirt. Hoodie. Hat. Can’t wait to share!”

Catch Lostboycrow live on the “Spin The Globe” Tour at a venue near you! Check out the tour dates and tickets!

(Read more about Lostboycrow’s beginnings at “The Ascending of Lostboycrow”)

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