Welcome to our newest edition of our Music Monday! On this edition we have three innovative artists and one music duo who are bringing their refreshing talents to the music industry.

London Based Duo Majik recently released their new synth pop infused track, “High” from their upcoming debut EP (currently in the works). The track speaks on the kind of love that leaves you feeling dazed to the point of craving for drugs or getting “high”. The catchy single is a slow burner with its sultry soundscapes and laidback vocals.

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New Jersey based Donna Missal is back with her new pop charged rock track, “Transformer”. The track is a taste of what Missal has been up to since her last music release “Holiday” earlier this year.

“Transformer” continues to display her fiery vocal range with her vulnerable song lyrics about love gone wrong. If this is any indication of what Missal has in store for her listeners, her future is looking extremely bright.

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Soul singer Sam Smith recently dropped his powerful new single, “Pray”. The Timbaland co-produced track is the newest single ahead of his widely anticipated sophomore album, The Thrill of It All.

The ultra popular singer is best known for his love ballads about personal heartbreak, but “Pray” finds him speaking about his sudden realization that the world is full of suffering and pain. The track starts off with a minimal production with Smith’s sentimental vocals stealing the spotlight. As the track progresses Smith is joined by a gospel choir and it becomes unforgettable.

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Singer-songwriter, Abi Ocia has released the stunning gem, “Expo” where she exposes her inner demons of her mind. The London based songstress continues to expand her own signature future soul to unheard heights of music experimentations. The thumping percussion enhances the airy but raw emotion found in Ocia’s voice throughout the well written track.

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Check out this month’s music playlist featuring many more listen worthy new tracks below: 

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