Alternative music duo, Prelow has been on my radar for quite sometime. The dynamic duo bring their engrossing music and transport their listeners to a refreshing world full of thrilling stories and music sounds. Recently, I had the immense pleasure to chat with Prelow. We spoke about their New York nightlife, their influences, music making and their upcoming tour with singer, Lostboycrow.

New York based Prelow consists of Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh. Their story began when they both met when they moved to NYC from the suburbs and since then, Prelow describes their music lifestyle as, “ mostly hang[ing] out in New York City and write[ing] music about our nights out.”

Music Influences

If you have ever heard a Prelow song before, you know there isn’t a specific genre to identify their music with, except as honest storytelling on intriguing hip hop fused soundscapes. Prelow describes their signature sound as “a blend of all our influences. I don’t know what to call it, it’s just what we like.” The band shares that their biggest influences are Kanye West, Radiohead, Modest Mouse and The Strokes.

Challenges, Motivation and New York

You may wonder what motivates artists like Prelow everyday to keep making music; “It’s fun. You get to create something out of nothing.” They further add, “if you do it right, then it’s enjoyable to listen to.” However, not everyday is easy, “sometimes you don’t feel creative and you can’t make anything good and convincing those around you that you’re doing the right thing.”

On Prelow’s latest music video for “I Don’t Wanna End The Night”, the band takes it’s audience to a typical night out in New York city. The pair describes how the city influences their music: ”We write songs about our experiences around the city. I think all the energy inspired the sounds too.”

Tour and Fan Interactions

Earlier this summer, Prelow opened up for singer- songwriter Lauv on his east coast tour leg. They shared it was a great tour for them. “He (Lauv) was super cool and generous. I think the highlight was selling out the NYC (They earned another sold out NYC show for their upcoming “Spin The Globe” tour with Lostboycrow) show.”

Prelow remarks that their most memorable fan interactions are with their long time fans “who have followed us from the start and we see still interacting with us on social media. That’s always super cool and we really appreciate that.”

Prelow has been gearing up to head out on tour with artist DYSN (who together recently released their new song collaboration, “I R L”) on Alternative R&B singer, Lostboycrow’s “Spin The Globe” Tour. Prelow tell me that they will be playing new music on tour and further emphasized that they wish for their audience to “dance and have a good time and go home a less stressed out person.”

In the midst of tour preparations, (tour kicks off in Seattle, WA on Oct 19th!) Prelow have been busy making new music as they are “currently working on our debut album and getting ready to release more songs.”

As we conclude our chat, I asked Prelow what advice would they give anyone who aspires to be a musician and they answered with “Keep at it. Collaborate.”

Catch Prelow alongside DYSN on Lostboycrow’s “Spin The Globe” tour in a concert venue near you and stay tuned Monday as their music video for “BACKSEAT” is released.

Follow all the latest news on Prelow on their official Website.

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