Lara Croft is back on the big screen.

Alicia Vikander is stepping into the globe trotting shows of Lara Croft in the first trailer for Tomb Raider. Based on the 2013 video game, the new Tomb Raider begins with Croft living an ordinary life in London, until the apparent death of her archaeologist father (Dominic West) sends her down a different path.

Croft’s quest is set in motion by a puzzle, a key, and a video message about a tomb called the Mother of Death and a threat that endangers the entire world. The trailer goes on to glimpse some of the hand-to-hand combat the character is known for, several death-defying leaps, and a splash of humor.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, Tomb Raider hits theaters March 16, 2018. Check out the trailer and first poster below.

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