The Shadowboxers have recently dropped their new single, the steamy, “Hot Damn”.
The silky new track is the first taste of the many new grand soundscapes the talented band has been working on in the studio with their mentor Justin Timberlake since last year’s “Build The Beat”. “Hot Damn” is unforgettable, bursting with endless provoking sensuality and laidback swagger.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the savory single live at their ‘TIMEZONE’ tour stop in San Francisco and just like the studio version, the song makes you want to shout “Hot Damn” while you are automatically swaying your hips to the salacious beat.

Purchase “Hot Damn” (produced by Justin Timberlake) on iTunes today

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Here is video footage of “Hot Damn” live in addition to a few photos from their ‘TIMEZONE’ tour stop in San Francisco below:

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