Welcome to the newest music monday, on this edition I will be sharing 4 new amazing singles from 4 talented artists who dropped new refreshing singles not to be missed!

Kelsy Karter brings back cutting edge blue eyed soul with her debut single, “Out of Drugs”. Karter provides achingly sentimental vocals well beyond her age in her modern 60s soul soundscapes. She has an uninhibited wildness to her vocal range that oozes out on each note she sings. The LA based singer stands out with her soul baring lyrics and intricate emotional song production.

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Singer Michael Malarkey takes his listeners on a haunting melancholy ride with his latest single, “Uncomfortably Numb”. The talented singer/actor steals your immediate attention with his grand mesmerizing vocal range on a rich instrumental music canvas that leaves you intrigued to hear more of his excellent storytelling. Malarkey calls his music “sad bastard music” and while I agree it contains a heavy amount of sadness, it also has a surprising amount of vulnerability that makes his listeners feel connected to the story he shares.

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Singer-Songwriter SKOTT dropped her most heart wrecking single yet. Last year, We featured the talented singer as one of the top favourite artists of the year and she recently released her new single, “Remain” and it’s devastatingly beautiful. The out of this world track spotlights the magnificent storytelling abilities SKOTT possesses with emotion heavy lyrics about lost love and the aftermath of letting go as she angelically sings; “Slowly I’m escaping/Leaving you believing/Dreaming/I’ve remain here”.

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Alternative Rocker, grandson has been in my radar for quite sometime now. The Toronto native brings honest storytelling and awareness to his listeners. The talented musician is not afraid to speak on topics that other artists might think twice to speak upon and in my opinion that is what makes him stand out from the crowd. When I first heard his incredibly thought provoking single, “War”, I became extremely excited that grandson decided to release this rocking political charged track and highlight the perception of what our world is becoming.

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Here is my other Music Monday music picks on this month’s playlist.

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