Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This week we bring you four refreshing new singles from 2 singer-songwriters, 1 duo and 1 band.

You may not be familiar with the name BELLSAINT yet but you will be soon enough. LA Based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, BELLSAINT has released her new single, “Landmines” a hypnotic powerhouse ballad about toxic love.

The talented artist mesmerizes with her sentimental vocals reminiscent of fellow singers, Nancy Sinatra, Sia and Adele. BELLSAINT’s masterful songwriting capabilities are on full display with soul baring lyrics, “I swim with sharks in the neon dark/I’m quick to make a joke/Stay too busy to fall apart” on a haunting piano driven soundscape.

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When I first heard “Maroon” by the talented music duo, Zoology, I immediately got transported to a dreamy ride to an unknown planet where you can sway freely to their luscious sound canvas.

“Maroon” is a perfect summer jam for the concluding summer. The mysterious talented duo shine with lovely vocals and guitar-synth pop electronica. The track brings forth a refreshing sound to indie pop with it’s divinely complex sound production.

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The latest single “Green” by Indie rock band, Mars Motel hailing from Brooklyn, New York is a gut wrenching track about lost, grief and hope. “Green” is relatable to it’s listeners because we all have lost a loved one. We all have lost ourselves to sadness and the song is an open book on the many emotions one goes through the dark times.

Mars Motel bares themselves with a somber but excellent indie rock track and emotive vocals filled with resilience and melancholy.

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UK Pop/Folk singer-songwriter, Jack Conman recently dropped his latest single, “Oxytocin” ahead of his forthcoming Heddison EP.

The young singer-songwriter possesses seasoned talent and maturity beyond his years. Conman is a gifted storyteller, he effortlessly paints on his music canvas with heartfelt lyrics and exquisite guitar playing.

“Oxytocin” is a beautifully written and produced track about love. The track becomes extremely enchanting as it reaches the grand finale and leaves you aching for more of this talented artist.

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