It was on a overcast chilly Tuesday in the Bay Area but I was thrilled to spend the evening with an amazing group of local artists from the many different colorful spectrums of indie music. It was a sweet escape to enjoy the company of many people who are very passionate about making music and providing their audience with a magnetic connection to their art capable of temporary numbing everyday problems.

I arrived at the local music venue, The Bottom of The Hill (which is on the bottom of a hill in Potrero Hill district in San Francisco) and was given the amazing opportunity to catch the soundcheck of the headlining band of the night, MOSAICS. I was extremely impressed by the sounds my ears were experiencing.

Fast forward to a few hours later, the venue had opened the doors and people were steadily coming in with drinks in hand. The night began with The Lamps, an Indie garage rock/blues band that consists of three elegantly dressed guys. Their live set was a head bopping experience filled with many drum and guitar solos spotlighting the unique talent of each member or (“Lamp”) the band possesses. The Lamps who recently released a new single, “Another One Comes Along” left me with an everlasting impression to go check out their music.

The next band was Locus Pocus who were hyped up as being a truly fun band to experience live, I was not disappointed. The very first moment Locus Pocus’ frontman Nate Budroe got on stage, he stole your attention with his spontaneous almost theatrical-like stage presence. The crowd was feeling the instant intensity the talented 5 piece band’s music was pouring out to the sweaty atmosphere. People were dancing and jumping throughout their lively set. Locus Pocus emerges as one of the few indie bands who are bound to break out with their intricate psych rock soundscapes and vivid live stage presence.

The time had arrived for the grand finale, the bay area’s own critically acclaimed and best kept secret, indie glitch pop band, MOSAICS. MOSAICS has been buzzing locally for a few years and I had yet to experienced their live show until that particular night. My high expectations were met and surpassed greatly. The talented band consist of forward-thinking individuals focused into bringing their complex music soundscapes to unheard of emotional sound canvases. Their live set was a blissful dream of colorful sounds and positive energy oozing from each member playing on the stage. The highlight of the night was when they performed their latest song, “Secrets“. The live rendition was a savory music journey filled with MOSAICS’s Maryam Sadeghian’s sultry smooth vocals and Devon Kelts exquisite guitar playing.

The show left me filled with massive positive energy and hope. Music is a very sacred thing to many individuals like myself, who run to live music to clear their minds from all the negative current events, to be inspired and I can promise you that if you ever have a chance to see these amazing group of artists, you too will be inspired.

You can catch all the latest news and music of The Lamps (here), Locus Pocus (here) and MOSAICS (here).

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