Some time ago, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the San Francisco show of Indie Pop Band, Sir Sly with support from fellow indie pop trio, SHAED. The show was a part of local alternative radio station, Live 105’s Popscene concert series. The night began with an excellent diverse DJ set by Live 105’s Aaron Axelsen, who had the crowd dancing when he played Portland’s Portugal, The Man’s “Feel It Still” and had Sir Sly’s Landon Jacobs dancing away during their soundcheck.

The lively crowd was hyped up by the time SHAED came on to start their set.

The D.C. Based trio started their set with their excellent hit single, “Thunder”. Having previously seen them live many times before, the immediate reaction to SHAED’s Chelsea Lee’s voice is always consistent. The crowd immediately becomes enchanted with it. Her powerhouse vocals carry endless colourful variations that enhance the mesmerizing soundscapes created by the talented twin brothers, Max and Spencer Ernst. The lively set contained new songs such as their recent single, “Too Much” in addition to their past singles, “Name On It”, “Perfume” and “Just Wanna See”. By the time their set was at their final song, the crowd was excitedly jumping in tune with their song “Running In The Fields”.

When the much awaited headliners began their set, there was a magical energy oozing from the crowd. Sir Sly opened with their hit single, “Trippin'” and the crowd went wild. Sir Sly’s Landon Jacobs has an indescribable ‘in your face’ stage presence that demands your attention. His voice holds bare naked emotion that touches everyone in a very specific way that is relatable and powerful.

The stage set up contained a huge statuesque light-up brain giving a brilliant visual translation of the intricate music layers of Sir Sly’s vulnerable storytelling about lost love and grief. Their show had many fan favorites such as “&Run”, “Changes”, “Inferno”, “Gold” and “High” among many others. The highlight of the night was when Sir Sly performed their heartbreaking masterpiece, “Altar”. It gave the audience instant goosebumps as the song hit the ending bridge and Jacobs exposed his heart through each note he sang. The night left me filled with inspiration, with a clear message that your darkest moments can devastate you but with time you will heal and can help others with your art as Sir Sly continues to do with their music and live shows.

Catch the latest news on SHAED and Sir Sly on their official websites.

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