Welcome to the newest edition of Music Monday! This week we bring you four refreshing new singles from 1 singer songwriter, 2 musical duos and 1 vivacious band.

Indie Pop singer, Geneva White delivers a dreamy adventure with her new single, “Dreamcatcher”. The intriguing storytelling of asking a Dreamcatcher to catch the wonderful dreams in her sleep and make them eternal. The track becomes irresistible when White belts out the ultra catchy chorus on the mystical electric pop track and leaves you feeling peaceful and content like when you experience a beautiful dream.

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Alternative Pop duo, PLGRMS recently released their hot new single, “Crawling Back”. The bouncy track is a fun ride filled with sentimental vocals pouring out endless yearning on a highly addicting song production. The Sydney (Australia) based duo captures their listeners with their feel good soundscapes and smooth singing and create a magnetic energy that pulls their listeners into their complex artistic world.

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Electronic Pop duo, TENDER’s new single, “Machine” has vital social commentary on our society’s usage of technology and being controlled by corporate ‘machines’. The thumping electro track opens up with questioning lyrics like “Oh, Why are you staring at your phone? There’s nobody in there with a life worth living.” The London based duo brilliantly expresses the addictive nature of our world with an out of this world soundscape begging to be played somewhere in outer space.

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New York Based Rock Band, New Politics released a future smash hit single, “CIA” a few days ago and I have yet to stop listening to it. The tongue in check lyrics about “breaking the law in your house” and the ‘made for head-banging’ post punk rock track will have you happily jumping around all over your house. The track becomes extremely endearing as they have kids singing the clever song bridge. New Politics are bringing the carefree fun to the rock scene and I cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in this new artistic era.

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