The last time we featured the multi talented Alternative pop singer, Lostboycrow was back in the latter part of the month of May, when he released his magnificent first of three Legends (“Lostboycrow’s ‘Traveler: The First Legend’, a Radiant, Soaring Journey“) from his upcoming full length debut album, Traveler due out this winter.

Since then, the LA based singer has released two new singles, the delightful, sentimental, “Spin The Globe” and “Missing London” from Traveler: The Second Legend. Both tracks expose the mystical layers of love and reveals another unseen artistic facet of his standout storytelling.

His recent single, “Missing London” takes you on a staggering journey filled with a heavy dose of melancholy. Armed with his frequent music collaborator, Producer, Dylan William (flor), Lostboycrow reaches undiscovered heights with his soothing, commanding voice brilliantly complementing the spellbinding song production provided by William.

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