Twenty Century Fox made its presence known at this years Comic Con in San Diego with the cast of the upcoming Kinsman: The Golden Circle. Thursdays Hall H kicked off with a bang and a bit of comic relief as the panel opened with Eggsy (in animated form) met the best U.S spy…Archer. Apparently the Kinsgamn lair isn’t all that top secret or hard to infiltrate.

The director then treated the fans to the first 5 minutes from the film which does nothing but wet your appetite for what’s to come. The high speed/action packed sequence shows just why Eggsy is the best of the Kinsgman as he takes on a former acquaintance in his car. We see the duo punching, kicking, throwing and literally flying out of a vehicle as it moves through London at high speed.

He was later joined by the cast which consists of the Kinsgman, Taron Egerton and Colin Firth; and the Statesmen, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal and Jeff Bridges. Throughout the panel the cast shoed their tight camaraderie as well as answering fan questions and being treated to 2 more clips. One introduced Tatum and has him in a bit of a showdown with Eggsy while the second gives us a creepy and stomach churning introduction to Julianne More’s villainous character.

At one point during the panel, a bottle of whiskey appeared making it’s way down the table at which each cast member was poured a shot. Unfortunately for Berry, she got a full pint of the brew. Then, egged on by the cast and fans she downed the entire thing in one shot! Well, this led t nothing but laughs from then on as Berry seemed just a wee bit tipsy and out of it for the remainder of the panel.

Take a look at some highlights of the Hall H Kinsgman: The Golden Circle below along with cast soundbites and a look at the Kinsgamn photo op held earlier that day.

Stars of Twentieth Century Fox’s “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” at Comic Con. L-R: Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Taron Egerton (in front), Colin Firth, Jeff Bridges, and Channing Tatum.

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