Welcome to the first edition of the second volume of my Music Monday feature. It’s been 1 year that I’ve been doing this feature and I’m very excited to continue to bring you all the amazing new tracks that are not to be missed. This first edition features 3 bands, and 1 singer-songwriter who have released new singles that I cannot stop listening to!

Alternative pop trio, PEAKES released their soulful new single,”Saint”. The Leeds based band provide their compelling soundscapes filled with complex instrumentations and rich powerful vocals on their latest track. “Saint” achieves greatness towards the end of the track as it reaches it’s highest peak when all live instruments and vocals sync effortlessly as one and you become completely transfixed with their unique sound.

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Singer- Songwriter Lxandra flexes her powerhouse vocals with her new single, “Hush Hush Baby”. The Berlin artist bares her heart in the track, which was written for her mother. The song contains various classical music sounds and a vocal range that can flawlessly go from a sweet whisper to overwhelming emotive falsetto. If there is one song that makes me want to give my own mother a tight bear hug it is this beautiful ode.

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Indie Rock band, Tipling Rock has released their bouncy new single, “Staring”, a highly addictive song that requires multiple listens to be fully appreciated. The Boston based band shine with this extraordinary feel good rock n roll track paired with sentimental vocals about fresh love. As evident in their previous singles, “A Side/ B Side” and “Low Tide Lovers”, Tipling Rock brings a refreshing sound to the rock world with endless potential to break down musical barriers and conquer the music world.

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Portland based Electronic pop music duo, WATERBED’s latest single, “Gemini,” finds them at their trippiest pop sounding yet. The innovative duo are known for their futuristic colorful compositions and their latest track is no exception. “Gemini” is bound to take you on a unpredictable ride to outer space.

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Here is my new Music Monday must have tracks playlist for the month of July! Check back for song updates throughout the month!

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