Anna Kendrick leads a hilarious ensemble cast—including Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant and Craig Robinson—in this laugh-out-loud tale of mischief and matrimony. Relieved of her maid of honor duties after being dumped by the best man, Eloise (Kendrick) decides to attend her oldest friend’s wedding anyway and finds herself seated among random strangers in the back of the ballroom. As secrets are revealed, Eloise bonds with her new tablemates and discovers that friendships, and even romance, can develop under the most unlikely circumstances.

Now, Table 19 is availabe to own in DVD and Blu-ray and banks to 20th Century Fox a home Entertainment, we received a copy to review for you, our readers.

Before we get to our bonus material review let’s just talk about the film itself. When it first arrived in theaters critics were quite harsh in he assessment of the quirky comedy and the various cast of characters. Many urging viewers to take a hard left at the movie theaters and skip this film altogether.

Well, like many of you, I don’t always listen to what the critics say and tend to make up my own mind. Greatest, it didn’t hurt that I’m a fan of Kendrick  comedic timing and all around wit so it didn’t take much to persuade me to give the film a try. I will say this, the trailers and tv spots used to romper film may not have been the best which is probabaly why not many people galloped to the theaters. The critics didn’t help either.

However, Table 19 has a premise that a lot of people have seen themselves in at one point or another. Being invited to a wedding and the awkwardness of realizing that you’ve been sent to the reject table off in exile. A goest but not quite a close one. Once the back stories of each quirky character is revealed and we learn what Eloise is really going through, we realize this is not just a film for laughs but it also has heart.

Now, on to the The Blu-ray™ & DVD Special Features review.

Deleted Scenes
The Bonus features contain 4 deleted scenes form Table 19. From an extended Karaoke scene to drunk family toasts and impromptu guest room dance parties.
“Carol Milner Kills It”
“Cousin Donny Toasts It”
“Infamous Kate Works It”
“Table 19 Swings It”

Promotional Featurettes
“Table of Rejects”
The cast talks a bit about the film and the misfit cast of characters.

“Head of the Table”
This featurette introduces the main character, Eloise and how Anna Kendrick is the perfect actress to portray her.

“Table for Six”
Here we learn the premise of the film where Table 19 consists of ”the misfits’ that should have never gone to the wedding but their back stories are the heart of the film.

Image Gallery
This section is compilation of stills from the film, cast portraits and behind the scenes photos from Table 19.

Over all, Table 19 is worth a watch if you’re looking for a sweet and somewhat unconventional romantic comedy that leaves you with a smile on your face.

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