Welcome to the newest edition of our Music Monday. This edition features four unforgettable new singles from 2 singers, 1 band and 1 producer who bring exciting new music to the music scene.

I first heard the music of Electronic Soul Producer, SG Lewis, a few years ago, when he remixed UK singer, Jessie Ware’s “You & I (Forever)“. Since then, the England native has released two successful EPs, 2015’s Shivers and 2016’s Yours. The latter EP included the breakthrough music collaboration with soul singer, Gallant.

A few days ago, SG Lewis dropped his groovy new single, “Times We Had” featuring NY based singer, Toulouse. The head-bopping dazzling track continues to show Lewis’ immense producing talent bringing a refreshing sound to the music world.

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California based Rock band, Rooney returns with foot-tapping uptempo new single, “Second Chances”. Rooney, who are known for their retro guitar sounding pop rock just dropped “Second Chances” from their upcoming EP, El Cortez. The new single isn’t technically brand new, the original song appeared on Rooney’s frontman’s Robert Schwartzman’s debut solo album, Double Capricorn in 2011. However, the new version has a much improved song production that makes the irresistible single an undeniable perfect summer track.

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New Zealand’s Lorde recently dropped the stirring self discovering new single, “Perfect Places”. The singer-songwriter is best known for making moody catchy synth pop songs that have relatable lyrics about life and “Perfect Places” is no exception. The new track from her upcoming second full length album, Melodrama (due out June 16th), is about searching for a place where you can find happiness after a night of partying.

The beauty of the uptempo party track is that the honest lyrics take you back to that confusing late teenage period of your life where you are finding yourself and you figure there is no clear, immediate solution to finding that perfect place of happiness you search for. As you reach this conclusion you realize “Perfect Places” is an imperfect genuine pop song that has certified hit written all over it, musically and lyrically.

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LA based electro pop singer, alxxa released the sentimental new single, “Hung Up”. The intriguing track speaks on the singer’s personal life journey and the dark times she went through. The mystical song production paired with alxxa’s soulful vocals is the perfect combination to the soul-baring track that deals with lost love, addiction and more importantly, self image.

There aren’t many songs out there that speak on everyday life struggles, but this track is heart-exposing with genuine songwriting which in turn becomes relatable to anyone who has ever felt or feels that way.

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This month’s music playlist has a colorful variation of artists and bands from many different genres and music styles. Every month I handpick the artists I feature on our Artist Spotlights and there are many artists I don’t write about but their music is still worth a listen.

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