The buzz for Los Angeles based Davis has been around for quite sometime. Whether it’s because of his unapologetic genuine rock anthems or his excellent performances at local venues, the Alternative rocker leaves a lasting impression on anyone who gets exposed to his music.

I had the amazing opportunity to have a quick interview with Davis a few weeks ago, where I got a closer look at the man behind the fiery rocker persona.

The singer describes his music as,
”The next generation of rock n roll. Polarizing.” His music definitely has a refreshing take on rock n roll with dashes of his influences of rock bands, The Strokes and Nirvana. The latter band in particular influenced Davis to become an artist.”When I heard Nirvana for the first time I knew that was it.”

Singer-songwriters like Davis, spend a lot of their daily time writing songs and he explained about his own personal songwriting process,”I write a new song every day. It’s not always a banger, but occasionally I land on some magic. The process is hell. It’s hours of “that’s not good enough,” and fleeting moments of “fuck yea!”.

Davis opened up and shared that his latest single, “Hello“, is one of the most meaningful songs he has ever written,”‘Hello’, my new single…took ten minutes to write and it came straight from the gut.”

The life of a musician is filled with ups and downs. I asked Davis what motivates him to keep making music and he mentioned it being “The constant search for the perfect song. Also, John Lennon.” I further asked the singer who currently influences him to which he responded, “Everything except The Chainsmokers.”

Having previously experienced Davis’ lively stage presence, I became extremely curious to find out if he stays in his own zone while performing, “I’m in my own zone until the audience is really into it. Then, I’m in their zone.”, he tells me.

The talented rocker and I discuss the many challenges of being artist, for Davis in particular it’s his ego. “Your own ego, especially when it comes to writing. That voice in your head that distracts you from being honest.” Which led me to ask him what advice he would give to anyone who has artist aspirations,”Cut the shit and be honest. SAY SOMETHING.”

At the conclusion of the interview, I asked Davis what we can expect from him next. “A ton of new songs that are very different from what I’ve released so far.”

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