This past Friday, I was extremely lucky to attend the first San Francisco headlining show of Rising Star, morgxn. 
The LA based singer has been busy dropping new music from the tongue in cheek, “xx” and accompanying acoustic rendition, “xx (on the river)” to currently being on tour with electro pop duo, Great Good Fine Ok on their summer tour. On top of that, he added his headlining show in San Francisco.

Fast forward to the night of the show, which was at the newly renovated intimate local venue, Cafe Du Nord. The friendly crowd was filled with many new and longtime fans and friends. When the pink-haired singer hit the stage, the love in the room blew up to epic levels.

Previously having experienced morgxn live, there was high expectations for the show and my expectations were surpassed greatly.

When the talented singer sang his first single, “love you with the lights on”, it was extremely emotive due to the fact that it was the one year anniversary of the song being released to the world.

The show setlist included all his excellent singles from “hard pill to swallow”, “xx” and “home,” to a pair of unreleased delightful songs, one of them being “vital,” in addition to his grand finale, his live rendition of The Cure’s “boys don’t cry”.

One of many show highlights included the innovative singer performing his viral enchanting single, “home”. In the midst of dropping his moving official music video for “home” hours earlier, morgxn shared what the song meant to him. He proceeded to ask the room to help him sing as loud as they could and what occurred next was thrilling.

Many concert lovers can tell you, seeing your favorite band or artist up close and personal is spellbinding, However, when the crowd completely syncs with the performer(s), it becomes compelling and overwhelmingly beautiful . The crowd became a choir of united voices and just like the song itself, “home” produced full body chills. At the latter half of the song, morgxn jumped off the stage into the crowd and everyone came together arms around each other with morgxn in the middle and sang even louder until the end of the song.

The show concluded with his tear-jerking cover of “boys don’t cry” where he performed in the back of the venue with a piano. morgxn is one of the rare singers who can move his audience to sing, dance and to tears. His devastating falsetto can make even the most emotionally detached human cry.

Catch all the latest tour dates and news on morgxn on his Official website.

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