Welcome to our Memorial Day Music Monday, I am very excited to share with you my favorite top 5 new songs which features 5 thumping pop songs perfect for your memorial day barbecues.

5.”Your Song” – Rita Ora

The track is our first look at the new sound Ora brings us with her first single from her upcoming second album. The feel good electro pop track finds the talented British songstress singing joyful co-written Ed Sheeran assisted song lyrics like, “I don’t want to hear sad anymore, I only want to hear love songs”. Ora’s new positive musical direction will definitely have you feeling in love in no time.

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4. Nick Jonas “Remember I Told You” featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner

You need a song that will make you feel good during the heavy traffic moments on your way to your nearest party? Look no further than the new single from pop superstar, Nick Jonas. The song can be described as a silky synth heavy breakup song featuring fellow pop singer, Anne-Marie singing the second catchy verse and a feisty rap verse by the talented Mike Posner. While Jonas hasn’t confirmed if this new song is a preview to what his next album will sound like, it definitely has the making of another smash hit for him.

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3. Lucas Nord – “This Morning”

The Swedish singer-songwriter/producer has recently released his new single, “This Morning” and it’s highly addictive. From the first 5 seconds of the track, his masterful song production captivates you with an intriguingly bouncy mixture of electro pop with striking synths soaked in r&b. The refreshing track shines as Nord sings soulfully with a quiet but confident swagger oozing out of each note. You need a track that will have you pressing the repeat button all day? “This Morning” is your track.

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2. Pluto – “Fight For You” featuring Max

The electronic artist dropped this amazing single a few days ago and it’s impressive. As expected, Pluto’s song productions are the perfect balance of catchy pop elements and haunting electric beats. The talented producer enlisted the help of singer, Max who shines with his trippy falsetto as he sings about fighting for what you love and believe in. With the recent surprise announcement of his debut album being worked on, Pluto’s future is looking endless.

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1. Great Good Fine Ok / Before You Exit – “Find Yourself”

This summer track features Great Good Fine Ok’s Jon Sandler singing smoothly about heartbreak and self love. The track starts off with a minimal song production but as the chorus starts to rear it’s head, the beat drops and it becomes an instant electric power anthem. “Find Yourself” touches on real issues of love and encourages you to find yourself before someone else can define you.

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