Producer, Martin Garrix and Pop singer, Troye Sivan have recently released their joint music collaboration,”There For You” with the accompanying cinematically stunning music video.

The thumping future bass track was first premiered on Garrix’s Coachella set which caused major buzz throughout the music sphere.

The hotly awaited music video features both Garrix and Sivan performing during one of three sold out shows of Garrix’s tour in San Francisco. The video shows their fans an inside look at what the touring life of musician is like, from the mornings looking out from their hotel rooms, to exploring the bay area beauty before giving their fans an explosive show at night.

With touching song lyrics like “I’ll be there for you/When you’re screaming, but they only hear you whisper/I’ll be loud for you/But you gotta be there for me too” and a video that clearly is a dedication to their legions of fans, the song becomes an uplifting staple to everyone who sees and hears it.

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Watch the “There For You” music video below:

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