Welcome to the newest edition of our Music Monday! This edition features 4 unique artists who been on my radar for a while with their refreshing new music.

Electronic singer/multi-instrumentalist Michl dropped the emotion heavy, “Waste?” single and it’s incredibly powerful.

The new single comes on the heels of his brilliant comeback single, “Everything’ll Change”. The soulful track is a perfect balance of confident song production and sentimental questioning in Michl’s vocals as he sings, “Once bright is now unclear/Will every dream we hold start to fade?/Will everything we built go to waste?”

Not many artists are brave enough to reveal their naked truths to their listeners. However, Michl does it in such a genuine way that you connect with his innovative music instantly.

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Indie pop singer-songwriter, Henao released her marvellous new single, “Atom Bomb” . The bouncy track begins with the singer’s distinct vocals soulfully singing the first verse as it takes you on a unexpected roller coaster ride to an exciting pop dance party that will have you moving all night.

The Houston based singer is known to deliver futuristic electro pop tracks with heavy sultry vocals which lead to a contagious addiction to keep playing her music.

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Alternative rocker, Aaron Taos is back with “These Days”, his amazing comeback single since 2015’s GUITS EP.

“These Days” has Taos continuing his genre bending music with a delightful dirty vocal distortion effect swimming around the rockin’ song production. The song lyrics serve a great amount of social commentary of society’s numbing ways of viewing violence and accepting the extensive shallow norms being served on a daily basis.

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Nashville singer-songwriter, Kat Saul released her addictive debut single, “ICONIC”. The 19 year old pop singer possesses a rich voice that has a dreamy quality a la Lana Del Rey but holds her with own seductive sound.

The catchy track takes you down memory lane when we all had our first crushes and puppy love experiences which in turns reminds us how Iconic those feelings really were.

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