Indie Singer, VÉRITÉ dropped her new haunting visual for her second single, “When You’re Gone” off her forthcoming debut album, Somewhere In Between due out June 23rd.

The New York native is known for creating genuine works of art whether it’s her songs or her music videos and her latest video is no exception. The video shares a different side of the singer we had yet to see. The video is set in a dark manor, where everyone is gathered having a posh dinner and VÉRITÉ is found at the head of the table at her most glamourous.

As VÉRITÉ looks on at her guests eating, it gets revealed they are all connected by large wires that connects from back of their necks to a controlled room filled with computers keeping them ‘alive’. As dessert is served, VÉRITÉ decides she wants to free herself and disconnects herself and slowly each of the guest starts shutting down.

The video can be interpreted in many different ways, however, the beauty of the artistry of VÉRITÉ is that she speaks on intimate everyday struggles that we can all relate to while bringing her strong fiery presence to the forefront.

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Watch “When You’re Gone” Music Video Below:

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