The much anticipated debut album from the visionary indie synth pop band flor, ‘come out. you’re hiding’, has recently dropped and let me tell you, it’s a musical adventure to say the least.

For those who may not know, the Oregon natives have been making music for many years and have a gathered a tight knit fanbase since then. As the years have passed and many singles later, the band signed with the independent label, Fueled By Ramen and released their full length debut album just hours ago.

The album features many of their past fan favorite hits such as “warm blood”, “back again” and “heart”, all slightly remixed from the original tracks.  The remaining tracks consist of the previously released, “hold on”, “guarded” and their exquisite latest single, “overbehind” in addition to four marvelous unreleased tracks, “where do you go”, “restless soul”, “unsaid” and “spoiled”. While the latter track (“spoiled”) finds flor at their most haunting rock sounding yet, the other tracks reach the grand level of dreamy pop that will have you dancing all the way to the fluffy clouds in the sky.

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