Singer Harry Styles dropped his much anticipated self-titled solo debut album hours ago. After surprising the world with the unexpected stunning rock anthem, “Sign Of The Times”, (Previously Featured on Our Music Monday Spotlights here) and dropping accompanying symbolic music video (Watch here), Styles delivers a delightful rock album that will make grown adults instant fans.

The album can be described as a colorful collection of sentimental songs that are reminiscent of 70’s/80s soft rock with a flair of British Rock from the 90s. Styles, who is known for singing catchy pop love songs, gives his listeners a closer look to the many different genre experimentations he can pull off singing on his own. Whether it’s the spunky, “Kiwi”, the folk- infused pop groove, “Carolina” or the vulnerable, “Two Ghosts” to the Glamorously smooth, “Woman”, all are completely different from each other but display the same immense raw talent that the young artist possesses.

Many music listeners may have their unspoken reservations of listening to anything Styles has to offer but one listen to this stellar album, will make them forget what they think they know about Harry Styles and just embrace the refreshing music he offers to the masses. 

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