Since dropping his amazing comeback single, 2016’s “Kisses Back” (previously featured on ‘Screen Reels’ Music Monday – November Edition’), Singer- Songwriter/Producer, Matthew Koma has been dropping music gems left and right. From releasing his other hit single, “Hard To Love” to releasing accompanying remixes for both tracks which includes a epic musical reunion with the legendary electronic producer, Tiesto (Listen here).

Koma’s latest single, “Dear Ana” is a massive turning point artistically. The track finds the artist at his most vulnerable, revealing a personal struggle he has battled for many years in his life (Read his explanation here). With song contributions of fellow producers, Jai Wolf and Midoca, the sentimental factor is turned up at an all time high.

The track becomes intensely powerful at the end when Koma sings in a very emotional voice that he is ready to let go of “Ana”. Many people in this world struggle with eating and self image disorders and it’s rare when artist gives you a bare to the bones look into their hidden demons. Koma is willing to speak about it and in doing so, not only is he healing himself but is also helping many people cope with their daily struggles.

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