Welcome to our newest edition of Music Monday, This week’s edition features 4 distinct artists from different spectrums of the music industry who have released excellent songs that must be shared.

The name Harry Styles is recognized by many people around the world, best known for being a member of the ultra popular boy band, One Direction. While the band decided to go on hiatus, each member has released their own solo works and a few days ago Styles released his first solo debut single, “Sign of the Times.”

I was completely taken by surprise to hear a rock power anthem reminiscent of the styles of Legends David Bowie and Prince. The song is a dramatic departure from what One Direction fans are used to hearing from Styles but clearly a brilliant career risk that will get people, who never listened to his previous work before, realize what a gifted artist he really is. The somber ballad contains read between the lines lyrics that can be interpreted in many different ways. Whether it’s a relationship ending or a political statement, the ballad is honest, devastating and relatable as Styles belts out his lyrics until the very end of the track.

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Neon Gold Records newest artist, TOMI, has released her marvelous debut single, “Carry You” and what an unforgettable debut single it is. The song catches you in the first few seconds where TOMI’s distinct vocals shine with a minimal drum beat playing to the beat of her haunting voice. As the song ascends to the chorus, it becomes grand epic dark pop anthem. If this is an indication of what we can expect from TOMI in the near future, her listeners will be in for a powerful emotional ride.

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London based singer songwriter, JP Cooper, has been one of the rising artists who has been on all my music playlists since his mega popular single, “September Song” dropped last year. Cooper, who sports his signature dreadlocks, goatee beard and Rasta hat a la Bob Marley, has a colorful vocal range that oozes his gospel influences. On his latest single, “Passport Home”, he delivers another soulful music gem that will make you stand up and sing as loud as you can. The song makes you feel hopeful and romantic as all of cooper’s previous songs do.

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Grammy Winning producer, RAC is best known for making remixes of other artists music for a decade and just this past February, RAC won a grammy for the brilliant Bob Moses’ “Tearing Me Up” (RAC Remix) for Best Remix Recording. Recently RAC released his new single ft. Rostam (Former Vampire Weekend member) called “This Song” from his forthcoming new album (due in the summer). It can be described as a slinky electronic dance track that has the perfect amount of funky instrumentations that bring out Rostam’s mysterious vocals to epic proportions from the catchy beginning to end.

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These are my other new music picks that are listen worthy and highly recommended. 

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