A couple weeks ago, I was lucky to attend Singer- Songwriter Bebe Rexha’s “All Your Fault” tour stop in San Francisco. For those who have not heard of her, New York based Bebe Rexha has been featured on many smash radio hits such as David Guetta’s “Hey Mama,” G-Eazy’s “Me, Myself &I” and most recently collaborated on Martin Garrix’s popular single, “In The Name of Love”. Rexha has also released a pair of hit singles, “No Broken Hearts” featuring Nicki Minaj and “I Got You” in support of her new EP, All Your Fault: Pt. 1 out now!

The night was March 11, 2017 to be exact, where endless lines were full of excited fans waiting to go inside to experience Rexha’s show. I was extremely excited to catch my good friend, Singer-Songwriter/Instrumetalist Spencer Ludwig opening the show. Even though I had previously experienced a Ludwig show (See here) I have to confess the moment I heard the first notes of his trumpet playing, it gave me full body chills.

I’ve always been the type of music fan who roots for the artist, with the exception of seeing the artist performing, the next best thing is witnessing the initial reactions of future fans. I was in the middle of a crowd where all around me I heard surprised gasps as Ludwig played the first notes of his song, “Legs”. The crowd started dancing and screaming for Ludwig, who was sporting his stunning rhinestoned jacket paired with his trademark fashion forward made for a rock star boots and too cool for you hat. Ludwig’s live set was bigger, better and filled with so much nonchalant swagger the late great Prince would be proud.  He performed his flawless singles, “Legend”, “Diggy” and “Good Time People” and debuted the new silky “Rock Bottom” and “Black Magic”. His time on stage was way too short for me personally but was enough to leave the audience with a lasting amazing first impression.

Check out Spencer Ludwig’s Music Here

Next up was rising star, Daniel Skye. If I told you I was ready for all the deafening screams that proceeded, I would be lying. The young singer came on stage and the choir of hundreds of girl’s screams began. The crowd’s energy rose significantly to sweaty proportions. Skye performed a fabulous mix of his hit singles including his latest single, “ON” . The fans in the crowd cheered with every moment that Skye walked around and serenaded them with his songs and spontaneous crowd interactions. Skye left the audience anxious and happily carefree for Bebe Rexha’s live set.

Check out Daniel Skye’s Music Here

Rexha came on stage sporting a long beaded leather coat that only revealed her blond locks while the hood covered most of her face as she sang her brand new songs “Bad Bitch” and crowd pleasing, “Getway Drug”. When Rexha performed her single with Martin Garrix, “In the Name of Love,” she revealed her ultra sensual black bodysuit and over the knee matching boots. She commanded the audience to dance and sing along with her throughout her confident live set.

The first time I had experienced Rexha live was in 2015 when she opened for Nick Jonas (see here) At the time, Rexha was a dark raven beauty who possessed a rambunctious personality and a honey sweet vocal range. Fast forward to two years later and it’s Rexha’s first headlining tour. On this particular night, she was at ease with fans as she spoke about being thankful for her fans or about an endorsed message to find her ex on Instagram for breaking up with her via text.

The night was full of surprises including having Rexha running off the stage to fix a wardrobe malfunction (nipple slip) to bringing out Bay Area Native, Hip Hop artist, G-Eazy to join her on performing on her latest single, “F.F.F.” and their past smash hit single, “Me, Myself & I”.

As the night went on, the heat was at epic levels as Rexha danced and sang all her popular singles and collaborations including “Small Doses”, “No Broken Hearts”, “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” and ” I Got You”. Rexha has perfected her stage presence which can be described as feisty, fun and spontaneous.

Long time and new fans can agree Rexha’s talent has taken her to unforeseen heights and there is no other path she’s heading to except to it’s highest peak.

Check out Bebe Rexha’s Music Here

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