A few weeks ago, on a chilly bay area night, February 14th to be exact, I arrived at the popular local San Francisco intimate concert venue, The Rickshaw Stop, where I was pleasantly surprised to find a long line of eager fans outside the venue waiting to get inside to see Kevin Garrett in concert. I was pretty excited to not only catch Kevin Garrett live but also have a chance to catch the amazing indie pop band, ARIZONA open for the show.

Boston Based ARIZONA came on stage booming energy that had the full crowd dancing throughout their set. The band performed most of their singles, from “I Was Wrong,” “Where I Wanna Be,” to “People Crying Every Night”, among others. ARIZONA is one of those bands that their music sounds 100x better live compared to the recorded tracks. Experiencing the band live gives off an intense quality of positive vibes and their playful stage presence shines through their performance. The band would include witty banter with each other between songs, you could really feel the strong bond they all share. The set was fun and was successful in getting the bay area crowd hyped up for the man of the hour, Kevin Garrett.

By the time, Kevin Garrett got on stage the crowd was going wild screaming out his name. Garrett who is a gifted singer-songwriter, started his brilliant set with a few songs from his first EP, Mellow Drama such as his hit single, “Coloring”. While he went through singing his other well known singles, “Precious” and “Stranglehold”, the crowd was mesmerized as the tall musician moved around the stage and serenade the fans near by. Garrett commanded the crowd with seasoned skill while his glass shattering falsetto filled the quiet room.

During song breaks, Garrett would address the crowd with his laid back soft speaking voice and share bit of what the next song would be about and thanked the fans for spending Valentine’s day with him. Those who have heard and fallen in love with his latest EP, False Hope, will be left with their jaws left wide open because the live renditions are emotional and even more gorgeous than the studio versions. Whether you are a old or a new fan of Garrett, there is one thing that becomes painfully obvious, his talent is unique. Not only do his heartbreaking lyrics speak straight to your heart but his voice has an unseen range that captivates anyone in hearing range. If you have the opportunity to catch Garrett live in the near future, I would wholeheartdly recommend you clear your schedule and attend a show.

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