Welcome to the newest edition of our Music Monday feature! This week’s music spotlights include 4 unique group of storytellers that are destined to shine. I was immediately captivated by these rising stars and am very excited to share these special artists with you guys, my readers.

I’m the type of music listener that likes to pick a random music playlist from my streaming music apps and play it on shuffle while I am doing other things. Sometimes I hear the first note on a song and I have to run to my phone or laptop and look up who that song is from. This week I had this particular incident happened to me with Jake Houlsby’s new single, “Howl”.

UK Folk Singer-Songwriter, Jake Houlsby, is known for his complex use of his voice to complement his sophisticated guitar melodies which results in deliciously haunting music. Sometime ago, Houlsby released his new single, “Howl” and once again provided his beautiful stories with abstract vocal harmonies highlighted flawlessly in the dark soundscape of his guitar playing. The future looks bright for this musician if he continues to leave his refreshing mark on the music industry as he has been doing so far.

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Irish Electronic Songwriter, Talos, has been dropping music since late 2014. His new listen worthy single, “Odyssey,” from his anticipated forthcoming debut album,Wild  Alee, dropped a few weeks ago and it’s unforgettable. If you listen to the track it’s starts off with Talos’ soul shattering vocals as the song builds up its buttery smooth synth percussions until the shining grand finale. The touching lyrics speak of self doubt and we can all relate to having moments where we doubt if what we are doing with our lives is the correct thing for us and if should we continue doing it. If this track is a sneak peak of what Talos has to offer the world, I would tell the world, get ready to remember this multi talented artist because he will be gathering positive buzz for years to come.

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Indie Musician/Producer, Wylen released the bouncy new single, “Montreal” which  features a striking song production with a colorful falsetto singing the extremely catchy chorus. The highlight of the song is found on the bridge where the vocals become a laidback sing/speak hip hop influenced delivery. The track is universally welcomed to be played at the beach, on a hike and at the clubs. Have a listen and I promise the song will be playing on repeat the whole day.

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Pop Singer, olivia o’brien may be known for being featured on gnash’s viral single ” i hate u, i love u”, however the singer has been building a very admirable  discography of honest driven stories which features her latest single, “empty”. The first thing that caught my ear was o brien’s swagger filled spoken word deliver that make her vulnerable lyrics about being empty inside and dealing with heartbreak and self doubt even more powerful. The track is addicting with a chorus that spotlights the singer’s textured vocal range. The track is worth a listen because even though it’s lyrics can be deemed as “heavy” it has that relatable quality that the listeners can feel they are not alone when dealing in life difficulties and as we all know music can heal pain and I truly believe this particular song can achieve that with every listener.

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