With most people are making Valentine’s day plans today with their significant others or with friends and family to celebrate love in general, Lostboycrow’s latest groundbreaking romantic single, “Verona” is the perfect soundtrack on this special day.

I was extremely fortunate to have experienced “Verona” live last summer when Lostboycrow headlined the final show of the  “Summer Concerts Series at Union Station” (see my concert review here) in Los Angeles. I vividly remember that “Verona” was the final song performed on Lostboycrow’s set and it was the defining striking moment of the night.

Easily one of my top favorite singles he has released to date, “Verona” is an unexpected tender take on William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Lostboycrow displays his supernatural storytelling abilities to the maximum limit on the brilliantly produced track. As you pause and really listen, you feel it in your bones the point of no return where he starts surpassing the superhuman songwriting levels of his greatest music influences (Frank Ocean, Brian Wilson, Alex Turner) and creates an extraordinary style of storytelling that only he can achieve.

The magic of Lostboycrow cannot be defined in one sentence, it’s far too complex and meaningful to give it one standard meaning, nonetheless if you ask me why is his magic special, I would tell you in a heartbeat that it’s because it emits the purest shapeless form of love. Sure, everyone writes songs about love. However, Lostboycrow embeds his unconditional sincere passion he has for his music in every note, lyric and sound he makes and in turn his music becomes universally nurturing to your soul. His music is an eternal solid bear hug that encompasses the inner depths of your soul and heart and lights up the core with unbounded love until it’s so intense and comforting that tears stream down your face.

“Verona” breathes out the kind of love that can never die. We all desire to be cherished that way and”Verona” celebrates the indescribable emotion while Lostboycrow’s soothing vocals lathers you with an immense indestructible feeling of happiness and belonging. I may have chosen to highlight this ravishing song on “the day of love” but love should be celebrated every single day of the year in turn so should Lostboycrow’s emotional soul healing art.

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Bonus Treat: Extended Live Version of “Verona”

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