Welcome to the new edition of Music Monday! This week I picked my new favorite songs from a group of amazing musicians and artists who should not be slept on.

Sweden’s Indie band, Ruby Empress has been making waves since last summer with their debut viral single, “Deluca” which is an chilled out, psychedelic pop dream worth listening to. Their second single, “Strung Out” from their upcoming EP, Empressionism (available on February 10th) was drowned in the irresistible indie disco pop and has a futuristic song production to match. Having recently released their third single, “Escapism Deluxe”, Ruby Empress redefines music genre limitations by making music heavily influenced by the 70s.

“Escapism Deluxe” oozes dark synth pop in a brilliant psychedelic electric soulful package. The young band aims to give their audience a different kind of electronic music not found in the music community. Mission: accomplished.

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Toronto’s newest rising star, Just Chase stands out from the many up and comers because his music is an addictive, strange R&B decorated with the singer’s rich vocals. The song production for his single, “Ego,” features a thumping bass line with a minimal vocal distortion that brings out the colorful notes in Just Chase’s voice. If this is any sign of what’s to come than you’ll be hearing the name Just Chase for years to come.

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In a world where everyone tends to overshare their lives on social media, there are some artists that prefer to create their artistic personas in total mystery. One of those artists goes by the name of H.E.R. When this New York based indie singer dropped her critically acclaimed EP, H.E.R. Volume 1, the blogosphere went on a craze to find out anything about this mysterious singer. Turns out there wasn’t much to find. However, armed with the word of mouth and fellow music artist endorsements, H.E.R. was on her way to becoming known for her sultry R&B.

The songstress is back with her new single, “My Way.” The stunning track makes you feel like you are floating on dark water on a sizzling night. The vocals are reminiscent of the late R&B singer, Aaliyah (who can be heard with a sample of her song,”Come Over” into the song’s intro) oozing out of the silky smooth sex appeal in every heavenly note. It’s a powerful statement when a female singer can shine using only her singing abilities and not her body. It shows the world one can still find success by using your musical artistry alone.

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For a few years now, German Based Indie Folk Band, Milky Chance has been building positive buzz with critics and bloggers alike since their debut album Sadnecessary dropped in 2013 and produced the smash hit single, “Stolen Dance.” The innovating band has recently released the bouncy single, “Ego” in support of their forthcoming second album,Blossom(out March 17th). The track shines with the band’s colorful music influences ranging from Reggae, Jazz and R&B all wrapped up in an irresistible attention stealing guitar playing song production.

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Lastly, check out this month’s music picks below. The February music playlist has a colorful variation of artists and bands from many different genres and music styles. Every month I handpick the artists I feature on our Artist Spotlights and there are many artists I don’t write about but their music is worth a listen . Make sure to follow me on my SoundCloud to see my additions throughout the month!

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