Do you behave better or worse when you’re being watched?

That all depends. If you ask a reality TV contestant, then they’ll definitely behave worse. After all, bad coverage is better than no coverage. Just ask any of The Bachelor contestants. However, what if you were being watched 24/7 with no aspect or member of your family considered off limits?

This is the concept in Dave Eggers book, The Circle, which has now been adapted to film starring Emma Watson, Tom Hanks and John Boyega. When Mae Holland (Watson) is accepted at the prestigious tech and social media company it seems as if her dreams have come true. Her parents are accepted into the Circle’s health plan and everything is coming up roses for the young visionary. Then things seem to change. Kalden, the creator of the surveillance program under development by The Circle warns Mae that not everything is as it seems and things need to change.

The latest trailer dives into the dark side of technology and launches the questions, how much privacy can you have if you’re constantly being monitored? Are you willing to sacrifice your privacy for the “greater good” of humanity?

Take a look at the trailer below before The Circle hits theaters. April 28.

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