There is music that can make you feel strong emotions whether it’s happiness or sadness. But there’re other kinds of music where they not only give you the latter but also delivers an important message, lesson and story. Certain artists out there that use their massive music talent in the most honest and kind way. The selfless ones that bring to the forefront important issues that affects not only a small group of people but all human kind. In the current world we live in, full of challenges and injustices, we need to help and support each other in any shape or form we can. Music is a powerful way to bring awareness to those who choose to ignore the harsh realities happening daily. Music also heals and provides hope to those strong resilent individuals who endlessly fight to protect our planet from mother nature’s man made destruction.

The first time I had the chance to listen to Alternative Pop Singer/Songwriter Lostboycrow’s brand new song “Rivers Run,” all I could think about was what a sincere and honorable homage to the people of Standing Rock it was. The bold track is a part of Songs For Standing Rock, described by their official website as a “collaborative series of albums featuring the songs of artists, songwriters, and musicians worldwide, uniting their voices for awareness in the direct support of our Water Protectors. This genuine and creative coalition directly benefits those who are taking a stand for future generations against the four-state Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL). Albums are available on a pay-what-you-want basis, with 100% of the sales (minus a 3% PayPal processing fee) going directly to aid in helping to shelter the Water Protectors.” (More details can be found here)

“Rivers Run” starts with a phenomenal intro of indigenous chants and sounds. As the track reaches the first verse, the addicting pulsating drums take center stage as Lostboycrow’s emotional driven vocals take to you on a grand musical rollercoaster ride. As the song slowly builds up to even higher notes and heartfelt relatable lyrics, your stomach gets filled with giant sized butterflies that when the ride slams its brakes unexpectedly, it leaves you with Lostboycrow’s devastating, otherworldly vocal range holding you captive in the brilliant chorus with powerful lyrics like: “I can hear our hearts still beating. All the earth is screaming. Maybe we’re the last ones dreaming. Sons and daughters hear my call.” As the song continues, the ride keeps speeding up to its peak. You are left breathless and gathering pieces of your soul back to its rightful place and as you reach the highest point of the ride, you look below to the ground expecting the anticipated drop, the magical moment where you feel you can do the impossible and fly.

As the song’s bridge ascends to epic battle-like proportions, you let go and let yourself be in the moment and hopelessly dream. When the song concludes it leaves you inspired to fight for what and who you love. “Rivers Run” does not only take you on a sentimental, awe inspiring music journey but it also reminds you of the exceptional songwriting and songmaking talent that Lostboycrow and his magical innovative producers have and together they create indescribable magic that can lift any human spirit from the darkest blackhole.

Listen to “Rivers Run” here

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To learn more information on how to get involved and donate to “Songs For Standing Rock” please visit their site here.

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