Welcome to our second edition of our new music feature, Remix Monday! This biweekly feature will be a place where I share must listen to remixes of many talented DJ/Producers; from the up and coming ones to the very established ones. There are so many producers out there that rework songs from different artists from many different genres who don’t get enough credit for their song production talents so this is for them.

Remix Spotlight:

LA Based music producer, Party Favor has recently remixed the club banger track “Little Bit Of This” from Miami’s GTA (Listen here) and if the original dark bouncy track was made for the clubs, this remix is made for not only late night parties but also for sexy times with your significant other or for whenever you just want to chill at home and groove to the beat during your daily routine. Party Favor provides the smooth and silky trap beats that deliciously enhances GTA’s track which leaves his audience hypnotized with his provocative and experimental song production.

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