You may have heard of Ansel Elgort before. He is best known for his popular film roles from 2013’s Carrie to having roles on the heavily popular young adult book film adaptations of The Fault in Our Stars and The Divergent Series respectively. Elgort has also made a name for himself as a DJ under the Stage Name “Ansolo” for the last few years and reecently took many by surprise when he announced he was going to release new music under his name Ansel Elgort. The single “Thief” and music video dropped hours ago and the results are ear pleasing and visually stimulating.

The track contains a perfect blend of pop and new wave all wrapped in catchy irresistible electronic package. I can already picture the doves of nightclubs playing this track on all the parties around the world, it has future hit stamped all over it.

The flashy music video directed by Elgort’s brother, Warren, shows us many fascinating aspectw. From Elgort’s homage to 80’s dance moves, the debut of leather tassels, to the broody self reflections throughout the clip while Elgort’s washboard abs take center stage.

While Elgort has previously experienced the female population screaming and crying for him when making promotional appearances for his films and music, this new era will open up the door for new fans who have yet to discover that Ansel Elgort is not only a talented actor but he is also a legit musician who has endless potential.

Watch the “Thief” Music Video below

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