Welcome to the third edition of our Music Monday! This edition will be featuring 3 artists and 1 duo who are leaving the world speechless with their innovative music.

The first thing I found memorable about the following artist was her artistic name, Au/Ra. This green haired mystical songstress has been buzzing with critical acclaim since her first single, “Concrete Jungle” dropped. A few days ago, Au/Ra dropped her second single, “Kicks” and let me tell you, it’s otherworldly. This rising star not only has immense colorful vocal chops but she has a voice that commands the listener’s attention to her meaningful songwriting. The song production is a perfect electro pop dream that can be enjoyed in the club or driving in the car. With a bright future ahead of her, I can promise you, you will keep hearing about Au/Ra for years to come.

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This next LA based electro pop duo has been all over the must have lists since last year when FRENSHIP released their smash hit viral single “Capsize,” featuring singer Emily Warren. What’s special about FRENSHIP is they make music that makes you feel good but also provide you with their immense song writing talents. Having recently released their second single from their Debut EP, Truce, “1000 Nights” sounds like a sunny day with clear skies on the beach. Just like in that particular scenario, the track is heart warming but also gives you an opportunity to take a moment and reflect whether it’s about their hopeful message provided in their powerful lyrics or the sensual sounds of the vocals intertwined in the song production. In a world full of darkness, FRENSHIP provides their happiness inducing music to their audience and in turn lights up the world one listener at a time.

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Have you ever of LPX before? Do you know who Lizzy Plapinger is? Well if you haven’t, Plapinger us the front-woman of the dream synth indie pop band, MS MR. The band recently announced their hiatus to pursue their own solo endeavors. Plapinger now goes by her solo stage name LPX and has released the fiery first single, “Tightrope,” and it’s worth a listen. Since the early days of experiencing seeing Plapinger live, I always knew she had that commanding, ‘in your face’stage presence destined to create feisty and wild music. “Tightrope” is a multi layered, honest Alternative rock track that oozes confidence and strong female power. If this is any indication of what LPX has to offer, We are in for a fun musical ride.

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London’s Elderbrook is a refreshing artist who makes music that is way too addicting for your own good. From his early career years, Elderbrook has mixed in a bit of his musical influences from Alt-J and Disclosure to his own riveting beats and sound productions with his enthralling vocals interwoven in his musical canvas that makes up his catchy signature sound. Just like his previous smash hit single, “Closer”, Elderbrook’s new single, “First Time” is equally brilliant and enchanting. The song has the most thrilling music beats I have ever heard from the melodies to the basslines to the vocal sound effects. The vocals and the lyrics are minimal which is a perfect balance for the intense song production. Elderbrook is one of the rare multi talented artists who pushes the Electronic genre to unspoken dimensions while gathering listeners wherever his music can reach.

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Lastly, check out this month’s music picks below, The January music playlist has a colorful variation of artists and bands from many different genres and music styles. Every month I handpick the artists I feature on our Artist Spotlights and there are many artists I don’t write about but their music is with a listen . Make sure to follow me on my SoundCloud to see my additions throughout the month!

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