This Is Us has been consistently hitting it out of the ballpark and straight into viewers’ hearts.

After taking us back to the moments of the first episode of the series and letting us get a new perspective of the effect the Pearson’s had on various characters, tonight’s episode brings back the light hearted fun of family we all love to see.

“The episode is actually really funny,” series creator Dan Fogelman tells EW. “We’ve been dealing in with some weighty stuff in the last few – and in episodes to come. So there’s a tone to the episode in general that’s nice. And then it packs a huge emotional wallop and piece of information into it.”

He went on to share some teasers from tonight’s episode. For one, we see Randall join his long lost father, William, on a surprise expedition. We also see Kate take a moment to ponder if having gastric bypass surgery is the best choice for her to lose weight and a new man enters her life. “One of the things that we haven’t quite had in the show for awhile — except for those who don’t like Miguel — is a bad guy, or kind of a foil,” says Fogelman. “Somebody comes into Kate’s life who becomes a little bit of an antagonist, or somebody who could throw a couple of wrinkles into her storyline with Toby. Romantic-wise — and otherwise.”

As for Kevin, he has a lot of soul searching to do and seeks advice from Toby as to what women to chose and his choice will be surprising.

Of course, no episode of This Is Us is complete without a blast from the past and this time around we get to see the Big three celebrate their 10th birthdays. The catch? They each want their own parties with their own themes. Kevin chooses a Princess Bride-themed birthday party, Kate opts for a Madonna angle to hers, and Randall selects a magician theme which prompts Jack and Rebecca to stage each party in separate sections of their home.

“We’re doing this storyline that came up in our writers’ room, because we were like, ‘God, what must it be like when they have to throw birthday parties for three kids who are sharing the same birthday and whose interests are starting to diverge?’” says Fogelman. “It’s Jack and Rebecca dealing with a very simple storyline, where our kids are getting older and they’re suddenly not the little easily problem-solved kids that they were at seven.”

But not all is fin and games as we get the first piece of information about his death. “People have a lot of questions. Not all of them are going to be answered for quite some time, but in terms of starting to put together the peripheral puzzle pieces, one of them takes shape this week.”

This Is Us airs Tuesday night at 9PM on NBC.

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